This One Brilliant Map Reveals All Airports Wi-Fi Passwords Around The World

Airports Wi-Fi Passwords

If you are a frequent traveler or planning to travel in the near future – bookmark this page right now; this single brilliant map will tell you all airports Wi-Fi passwords around the world.

Anil Polat, a travel blogger, and computer security engineer come up with this awesome idea which let you know the most updated Wi-Fi passwords almost of all airports around the world.

Especially, if you are in long layover or need to travel more frequently – definitely you will find this map very helpful.

This interactive map created by Anil Polat is very easy to use. By clicking on an airport where you at, you gonna receive specific directions on where to sit for best access the Wi-Fi connection, along with the Wi-Fi passwords.

Below is a regularly updated map from where you can get the all airports Wi-Fi passwords all around the world.

Map To Find All Airports Wi-Fi Passwords

This WiFox map is also updated regularly, based on verified information submitted by various other travelers. It is also available in both iOS App Store and Google Play.

If you want to contribute for updating the information about new airport listing and Wi-Fi passwords in this map, you can send him an email directly via – this link.

Who is Anil Poalt?

Polat has a popular blog called foXoMad with a slogan – travel smarter. He used to write very useful tips and tricks for the travelers by his own experience on a journey. He has an aim to visit every country in the world. Currently, he has traveled around 90 countries. He also uploads weekly videos about travel, food, culture, and tech on his YouTube channel. He used to write twice a week – on Tuesday and Thursday.

Besides writing and making videos, he also develops apps to help other travelers around the world.

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