Budget Friendly Supermarkets in Qatar

Qatar is a very expensive country, if you are staying in Qatar it is very important to know some budget-friendly supermarkets in Qatar. If you are able to find budget-friendly supermarkets you will save a lot of money at the end of the month.

Especially if you are staying in Qatar with your family then grocery expenses is a really big deal.

For your convenience here we have listed some budget-friendly supermarkets in Qatar. Not only in Qatar most of the supermarkets are famous all around the middle east countries.

ListĀ of Budget-Friendly Supermarkets in Qatar


A French hypermarket chain carries all the essential elements for home and kitchen. Carrefour is really famous for its deals and promotional items.

They carry grocery, clothing, electronics and they recently started carrying bakery as well. So, being one stop shopping for your home Carrefour is a budget-friendly supermarket in Qatar due to its sales and promotional events.

LuLu Supermarket

LuLu Supermarket is a UAE based supermarket which is very popular in middle east countries. Lulu is also a very successful consumer-based business in the middle east.

Likewise Carrefour, Lulu is also a one-stop shopping destination where you can shop grocery, clothing, electronics, bakery. They also run sales and promotional events all around a year.

Al Meera Consumer Goods:

Al Meera Consumer Goods is a supermarket chain in Qatar which promises its consumers to provide quality products in its reasonable price.

It is also a one-stop shopping destination for your grocery and other requirements. This is also one of the big and budget-friendly supermarkets in Qatar.

Family Food Centre

Family Food Centre is a smaller chain supermarket in Qatar which offers a variety of products at a reasonable price. It is also one of the budget-friendly supermarkets in Qatar.

Besides these supermarkets, you can also find fresh groceries at farmers markets. Those farmers markets offer affordable and fresh fruits and vegetables.