How You Will Be Affected After Facebook News Feed Changes

facebook news feed changes

In a post on Facebook, CEO Mark Zuckerberg states that Facebook plans for major changes in its news feed algorithm.

Facebook news feed changes will affect individual Facebook users in business, brands and media organization.

Since the last decade, Facebook becomes the inevitable part of everyday life. According to the data statistics released from Facebook in its newsroom, there are more than 1.37 billion daily active users on average for September 2017. While 2.07 billion users are active as of September 30, 2017. This means one out of five people in the world is using Facebook every second.

Additionally, there is more than 40 million small business which has active pages on Facebook. Companies are spending thousands and millions of dollars on creating the brand image and popularity to reach out to the customers via Facebook.

Thus, there is no doubt, changes in Facebook will, of course, will affect from individual users to business, brands and media organization.

Announcement on Facebook News Feed Changes

In the Facebook post published on 11th of January 2018, CEO Zuckerberg states that Facebook news feed changes will drive up the post from family and friends rather than those from pages and brands. In the same post, he added that social network is also trying to initiate more meaningful social interactions, which will be promoted above more passive activities such as watching videos.

This post was published after a week when he mentions his personal challenge for 2018 is to focus on fixing the issues which raised the feeling of anxious and divided in our society.

However, this is not the very first time that Facebook claimed to bring changes in the algorithm of it’s a news feed. But after the continuous criticism of that Facebook from the different sectors that it cannot control the fabricated news articles and a divisive message from Russian operatives to influence the 2016 United States presidential campaign, publishing the violent live videos, this time Facebook is making some big changes in its news feed.

What Will be Changed?

Right now, your news feed might have dominated by contents generated by business, brands and media and less prominent your friend, family as well as Facebook groups you are a member of.

After the changes come into effect, your news feed will be exactly altering what you have right now. You might see more post from your friends and family.

But still, it is not clear that how things are going to work. It means in what amount Facebook allow the business, brand and other media post to visible in the news feed.

Brighter Side After Facebook News Feed Changes

Individual users will be benefited from these changes. You will no longer have to see so many fake and fabricated news article, you are going to spend most of the time in Facebook with your friends, family, and groups on which you are a member of.

This is the positive side after changes come into effect.

Darker Side After Facebook News Feed Changes

As we mentioned earlier that, there is more than 40 million small business which has active pages in Facebook. Business and organization spent millions of dollars to create their community to reach out with customers after this changes those investments of the organization will shrink down. Organic reach of the business and organization post will be significantly decreased.

As well as, advertisers will going to be affected from this changes. It is definite that Ad cost for the advertiser will ramp up what they are paying right now.

Thus, for the business, brands, and organization; Facebook news feed changes will drive down their revenue and for many small businesses who rely only on organic reach, it is better to seek some other alternatives.


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