Five Conclusions After Ravi Oad Sealed Nepal Idol Season 2 Title

nepal idol season 2 title

After the announcement of Nepal Idol Season 2 title, one of the Facebook status become viral – “From the voting system, neither the great politician nor the great artist will be born”.

Here is our five conclusions after Ravi Oad sealed Nepal Idol Season 2 title.

1 – Nepali Idol vs Nepali Tara

There are various pros and cons after the Nepal Idol like franchise televised shows become more popular and trending in the Nepali media industry.

Nowadays, people start to compare today’s Nepal Idol show with previously televised Nepal’s first singing reality show – Nepali Tara.

Some groups of people have their disagreement type of opinion for the sake of money that the franchise company took out of Nepal on the name of the voting system and using their brand name. So, they conclude that while considering the monetary gain for the country, Nepali Tara was a way better than today’s Nepal Idol.

While the vast majority of the music lovers prefer the Nepal Idol over Nepali Tara. Despite the monetary values, the majority of the followers believe that many Nepalese people from the Eastern Mechi to Western Mahakali who were previously deprived of showing their inner talent at least got somewhat of a platform.

Whatever it be, our first conclusion is that we should appreciate the new horizon that Nepal Idol brings in Nepali Music Industry. Nepal Idol heightening the level of Nepali music industry all over the world. For an instance, we can see the magic of Menuka Paudel in Saregamapa. Nobody will care her if she previously did not compete in Nepal Idol. And she will not gain that level of confidence to compete in Saregamapa stage, if she did not participate in Nepal Idol stage.

Hence, we should appreciate the positive consequences that Nepal Idol brings in Nepali Music Industry.

2 – How Good is 100 Percent Voting System in Final?

Nepal Idol management changes some rules in Season 2 – the way they select the finalist contestant from top 10.

In Season 2, the weightage from the voting and the numbers given by judges were divided in 50-50 proportion.

But, for the grand finale, the format was 100 percent vote-based decision. There is not any role of judges to select the winner for either of the Nepal Idol Seasons.

Due to this fact, many music lovers believe that – the most deserving versatile singer need to set back due to the lack of investment in the voting process.

To be a very honest and unbiased majority of the followers believe that – in both Seasons, first runner-up candidate was most deserving that the winner for the title.

So that’s why, without criticizing the result we want to give a piece of advice to the Nepal Idol management that – you guys should change the format to select the winner of Nepal Idol.

Judges also need to have somewhat of power for selecting the winner of the title. Instead of 100 percent voting decision, it could be 70 – 30 proportion where number from the judges should count as 30 percent of total weightage. By doing so, we the people also can cast our vote to select the winner and deserving candidates also do not need to worry about un-natural paying votes.

3 – Ethnicity and Regionalism Should Not Be Ahead of Talent

By the means of Nepal Idol like platform, we are supposed to create opportunities for talent.

But in both Seasons of Nepal Idol, Ethnicity and Regionalism outweigh the talent of the singer which was not supposed to be so.

In the First Nepal Idol, Buddha Lama was heavily favored by certain ethnic groups whereas in the Second Season Ravi Oad was heavily favored by regionalism.

If we practice this sort of phenomena to select the winner, one obvious question will arise – are we really creating the opportunities for the hidden talent or we are practicing the politics even inside the Nepal Idol too?

This is a really tough question that we should answer very honestly.

So, from the upcoming Seasons, we should think talent ahead of ethnicity and regionalism while casting the vote in the grand finale.

4 – Forgetting a Lyrics Should Not Be Forgiven in Tough Round

Do you remember that Buddha Lama forgot the lyrics of Milan Amaty’s one of the very popular song – “But Slowly”. That was not the only time he forgot the lyrics even while he sang a duo with Nishan Bhattarai, very popular song – “Amaile bhanthin Dharako Pane”; he forgot the lyrics and sang on in his own lyrics.

Similarly, you might have remembered that Ravi Oad did the same mistake while singing – “Priya Timro Samjhana”.

So, one obvious question arises – should we forgive those who forgot the lyrics in that competitive stage of Nepal Idol?

Of course, we should not – but we did once again.

Remember while Min Raj like golden mic winner, how he was compelled to knock out of the competition.

No one should forgive for this type of error in that sort of competitive stage otherwise it will not be equal justice for the rest candidates.

5 – Emotion Should Not Overshadow The Talent

In both Seasons of Nepal Idol, candidates are trying to influence the mass showing their families struggle and their poverty.

No doubt, we should always support the ones who struggle in their life due to the lack of poverty.

But these types of emotions should not overshadow the talents of candidates.

We should not forget that Nepal Idol is the stage to show the singing talent but is not the platform to influence the people by showing the poverty.

That’s the way how we should respect the artist and true talent.

So, let not overshadow the talent by emotion in upcoming Seasons.


Here we have not tried to raise questions on the singing ability of Nepal Idol winners, we are just trying to quote some points to make Nepal Idol even better in upcoming Seasons.

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