Significant Increase of Foreign Students Finding Jobs in Japan After Graduation

foreign students finding jobs in japan after graduation

Foreign students finding jobs in Japan after graduation has been significantly increasing than ever. According to recently released data of the Justice Ministry, a record number of foreign students find jobs in Japan immediately after graduation.

According to the recent data released by the Justice Ministry of Japan, more than 25 thousand students are engaged in full-time  job after the graduation.

In 2015, this figure was 15,657 which was more than double of 5,878 in the year 2005. These statistics show that Japan has become a more attractive place to find work as labor conditions have improved.

In the recent years, the government of Japan puts more effort to lure foreign nationals with professionals skilled especially in the field of information and technology.

The recent example of simplifying the process of obtaining permanent resident through the Highly Skilled Professional Status also indicates that the government of Japan is seeking more foreign nationals to boost the global competitiveness of Japanese firms.

If you are not aware of the new reformation of immigration rules to obtain a permanent resident of Japan, you can find the information from the link given below.

Additionally, the introduction of one-year startup visa for those who are seeking to start their own business or going to manage the existing business in Japan also shows how the Japanese government is acting as a bridge between foreign nationals and Japanese employers.

Authorities from the Justice Ministry of Japan states that easing the process to get hired in the Japanese market is the continuity of Japanese government aim to raise the employment rate of foreign nationals in Japan.

As you might know that, previously cabinet has decided to set the target of raising the employment rate of foreign nationals in Japan from the current 30 percent to 50 percent.

According, the number of foreign national who requested to change the visa status is also increasing in the same proportion. If you are also on the way to find a full-time job in Japan, you should change your visa status. To understand how to change the visa status in Japan, find the information given in the link below.

Likewise, a record number of foreign nationals are applying for the Japanese Business Manager or Investor visa in 2017.

Even though, if you are in any other visa status; you can now start your own business in Japan by registering the corporation in Japan. If you want further information about how to start your own business in Japan, find the information in the link given below.

A statement published by the Justice Ministry of Japan clearly indicates that Japan is very close to its aim of becoming one of the countable hubs for foreign international to work and do their business.

Anyway, it is more exciting and good news for all foreign nationals who are currently in Japan.

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