Here is How NEB Grading System For Class & Class 12 Works

No surprise at all! National Examination Board (NEB), previously known as Higher Secondary Board (HSEB) will be going to publish its result for both Class 11 & 12 in the grading system.

Sorry to say, you will no longer get your NEB result for both Grade 11 and Garde 12 in percentile mark-sheet. Now onwards, you will receive the result in Grade sheet.

If you do not know how exactly, NEB grading system for Grade 11 & Grade 12 works, keep on reading.

The very first time as like SEE result, NEB has published class 11 result of the year 2074 in the Grading system. Without pre-notice and information, NEB surprises all students by publishing the class 11 result in the Grading System.

iKeyNepal has learned from the source of National Examination Board Nepal that, after implementation of new NEB grading system no students will be failed. However, grading will be done in accordance to marks obtained by the students but actual marks obtained by the students in the numeric figure will not be disclosed.

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NEB Grading System Clarification

It might be confusing for the first time to many of students after NEB published the results in the grading system. If you are not informed about how NEB grading system works; below is the detail explanation of the newly implemented NEB grading system.

Grade Marks Obtained
A + Students who scored from 90 to 100
A Students who scored from 80 to 89
B + Students who scored from 70 to 79
B Students who scored from 60 to 69
C + Students who scored from 50 to 59
C Students who scored from 40 to 49
D + Students who scored from 30 to 39
D + Students who scored from 20 to 29
E Students who scored from 0 to 19


According to the source of National Examination Board, Nepal; those students who obtained D + or lower grade in any one of the subject can retake exam of that subject to improve the grade.


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