Here is How to Take Loan in NTC Phone – Namaste Credit

take loan in NTC Phone

Do you want to take loan in NTC but do not know the procedure? Don’t worry, iKey Nepal brings you a step by step process to take loan in NTC mobile phone.

Under the name of Namaste Credit, Nepal Telecom has started the most rumored loan or sapati facility for the Nepal Telecom prepaid users (GSM and CDMA).

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In the news blog published by Nepal Telecom in their official page, Namaste Credit service is intended to provide service continuation even if Nepal telecom mobile customer is having a low balance or is out of balance.

As soon as you take loan in NTC prepaid mobile phone, it is said that you can use it for voice, data or SMS services. There is no any extra charge associated with NTC loan service.

Those who are using a Nepal Telecom service for at least 3 months and if you have a healthy status, your NTC loan service will be automatically activated.

Here is How to take Loan in NTC Mobile Phone

Whatever you say either NTC loan or NTC Spatai or Namaste Credit; it is an automatic process. You do not have to do anything from your end.

If you are using Nepal Telecom prepaid service in healthy status, Namaste Credit service will be automatically activated.

When your phone number is eligible for Namaste Credit, you will be receiving a text message stating that – Congratulations, now you have Rs X.XX credit of NAMASTE CREDIT. No call drop and no service charge, enjoy!

How can you know that you have activated to use NTC loan facility? 

Please type STATUS and send SMS to 1477 to know your status.

How can you deactivate the service?

If you are already activated NTC Loan service but don’t want to use it, type STOP and send SMS to 1477. The service will deduct the credit limit and send you a confirmation message.

How can you reactivate NTC loan service?

If you again want to take Loan in NTC, please type START and send SMS to 1477.

How do you know your maximum credit limit?

If you want to know your maximum credit limit, type STATUS and send SMS to 1477 while you are using Namaste Credit.

You will get available balance and the amount of debt.

The sum of available balance and amount of debt is the maximum Credit Limit.

How do you know your remaining credit balance?

To know your remaining Credit balance, type STATUS and send SMS to 1477.

Note – Namaste credit service is rolled out to all the Nepal Telecom’s prepaid subscribers phase wise. If it is not available in your number immediately, it will be available to you very soon.

For more information, please visit Nepal Telecom Namaste Credit – official page.

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